I grew up on Disneyland. When some kids spent summer nights running through sprinklers or camping, I spent them in the Magic Kingdom. It’s not like I was a super rich, spoiled brat-type kid, it’s just that my mother is obsessed and as the last kid, I was in the right place at the right time to partake in all the adventures that fifty-somethings have a right to. So I spent my summers at Disneyland. Here’s an ode to that beautiful place.

Things I learned from Disney:

1) There’s ALWAYS a happy ending. If it’s not happy, it’s not the end. (I think that is a quote, so cred to whoever first said it).

2) Dreams come true. But not just on their own- dreams come true because of people who have the stamina and focus to make them come true.

3) Magic is real. No, not the kind from pixie dust and magic wands. No, real world magic happens in beautiful moments with people you love, in the accomplishing of a life-long goal, in the simple moment of pushing a baby on a swing.

As a secondary point, never stop believing that magic is real. Ever.

4) Hold on to the people who make you stronger. Every Disney hero or heroine used their trusty sidekick or a close family member who helped them reach their dreams and ditched the ones who didn’t. Do the same.

5) Don’t let go of your dreams.

My grandmother wisely told me “Don’t lose sight of your dreams. They might take a little different shape, but they will still be your dreams.”

Okay, I won’t ever be a ballerina. But I can dream of marrying a guy who dances with me. I won’t ever change whole civilizations with my riviting speaches. But I could write a book someday. And I won’t ever be able tell the WHOLE world about the gospel of Jesus Christ. But I can tell the people of Texas. And my friends. And my neighbors. And strangers in Thai resturaunts. I CAN do that.

So. Charge for this week- Stop dwelling on all you cannot do, and doing what you can. Because there are children to be cuddled in your own home, lives to touch in your own ward, friends to make in your own neighborhood. And the calling God has given each of us as individuals is the greatest calling in the world. Whatever you are, be a good one.


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